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Crystal Fighters - "Plage"

As a reggae contributer for Earmilk, I might be out of my area of expertise here because this band is not a reggae act. However, I love all kinds of good music and Crystal Fighters are exactly that: good music. Crystal Fighters are an interesting group, formed in London and composed of Spanish and British musicians. They play traditional Basque instruments: a txalaparta (a wooden xylophone-like percussion instrument played by two people standing face-to-face), a danbolin (a rope-tuned snare drum), and a txistu  (a Basque pipe whistle). They fuse traditional Basque music with modern electronic, funk, and dance. The Guardian describes Crystal Fighters style as "what would happen if you went back 100 years, dropped a load of recording equipment into a remote Basque village, and left the villagers, steeped in folk music, to their own devices."  They just put on shows at the SXSW music festival and are touring the US in late March. See below for tour dates. Also, their new EP Plage is due to drop on the 20th of March. I'm sharing their song "Plage" which has an acoustic island-like vibe that I love. Do yourself a favor and listen to this band.

      01 Plage

Download: Crystal Fighters - Plage


17th March @12:30AM- Kitsune @ Bardot, Miami

19th March @10PM- Glasslands, Brooklyn

20th March @10PM - The Studio @ Webster Hall, Manhattan

22nd March @11PM - Kitsune @ Mezzanine, San Francisco

26th March @12AM - School Night @ Bardot, LA



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