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Florence And The Machine - "Cosmic Love" (Seven Lions Remix)

What happens when you take the relaxing sound of Florence and the Machine and add some blissful dubstep elements? You get nothing less than the sweet blissful vibe of composer Seven Lions. Jeff Montalvo, who just moved down the street from me, is best known for what he likes to call "progressive dubstep." His last worldwide hit (which sat under Skrillex's Avicii remix at number 2 on Beatport) was none other than his remix of Above and Beyond's "Sun and the Moon." He showcased a lot of tranquil and calming dubstep elements in that tune that most fans can agree really caught their eye.

As I mentioned earlier, the sweet vocals with blissful dubstep basslines really make this track one of a kind. The tranquil harp and drums are just made for each other as they hit the same notes and progress with some really dynamic panning. Everyone seems to be doing the whole Skrillex voice glitch thing, but Seven Lions takes that concept and makes it personal to him and uses Florence as impacts to change the direction of this tune. Later in this track we get a little drum and bass section which is always nice to hear since its relatively on the verge of extinction out here in the states.

      Florence And The Machine-Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)
Download: Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix)

"Fast" is an understatement for how things have been moving as Montalvo’s popularity skyrocketed among fans of both trance, dubstep, and everything in between. The 24-year-old Lompoc, California native currently resides in Santa Barbara, California, and began making music when his father first brought him home a Macintosh and keyboard at age 7. After playing in metal and punk bands throughout middle school and high school, Montalvo turned to producing in his late teens.



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9 years ago

This blew my mind.

Noah Greifer
9 years ago

His original remix for Above & Beyond was actually "You Got To Go." He also remixed "Satellite" by Oceanlab. I don't know why more people haven't start remixing trance songs into dubstep. It's a combination made in heaven.

Jelly Robinson
9 years ago

wish all music was like this.