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Marina and The Diamonds – "Primadonna" (Benny Benassi Main Remix Premiere)

It's Monday. What else are we to do than start the day with some some delightful electro house, set over the top of the waubbly yet lovely Marina and The Diamonds? The single "Primadonna" is set for release on April 16th and the track is described as a fun, fast-paced disco anthem with punchy electro beats coupled with Marina's distinct vocal acrobatics. 

On remix duty this time, though, is Benny Benassi of ladies in their underwear playing with power tools fame. The track takes the more club friendly route away from disco and into the stomping electro region, notching up a formidable 7 minutes in length. 

Check the full stream below. 

Dance · Electro · Electronic · House


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  • Kind of destroyed the song, what a pity!

    Edu Santos March 19, 2012 8:46 PM Reply

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