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XXXY - "Open Your Eyes"

XXXY is known for producing exotic electronica/dubstep. I have heard my fair share of electronic music in my life, but never a dubstep song like "Open Your Eyes". It kicks off with an unusual bass tempo, overlaid with a rhythmic, almost ambient-clavic kind of tapping. It quickly escalates with the introduction of claps and an echoing ambient synth. The bass drops like any good dubstep tune. Cue dropped bass. In the middle of the medley of sounds, the classic electronic snare and rides takes you on a rollercoaster, fading in and out through the song. In comparison to the typical dub step tune, this one is a different breed. Without the prominent bass and beat, it can be easily transformed into a calm, soothing piece that you can mellow upon.

      Open Your Eyes
Download: XXXY - Open Your Eyes

Dubstep · Electronic


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8 years ago

its future garage mate