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M83 - "Midnight City" (Sharam Jey Remix)

Germany's Sharam Jey has been producing electronic music for years. His latest rendition of M83's "Midnight City" caught our attention. It adds a moombahton feel to the eclectic beat, and turns the catchy track into a beast of its own. It is always a surprise to come across tracks that turn stellar tunes into something completely different than the original. Jey has complimented the original track with his own style, and we could not pass up sharing it with all of you. Jey has successfully merged indie with electronic music in this track, providing the listener with a non-invasive rendition of the original track. 

Jey's musical roots stem from his beginnings in a rock band. He found his niche upon entering the house & techno scene. He manages to keep his music fresh and exciting. Jey's reworking of Cafe del Mar's track "Energy 52" was voted Best Dance Track of All Time, and everyone from Moby to Mylo have used Jey's ear to bring their tracks from the studio to the dance floor.

      Midnight City Sharam Jey
Download: M83 - Midnight City (Sharam Jey Remix)



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