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Cypress X Rusko - "Shots Go Off" (Ki:Theory Remix)

As we edge ever close to the much anticipated release of their full EP in April, Cypress X Rusko let rip another remix of so far unheard track Shots Go Off. Remixer comes in the form of Ki:Theory who decided it was time to bring some nostalgia into the new project and took a sample from Cypress Hill's classic "Insane In The Brain". How much this leans away from the original we don't know, however we do know that he was given only 2 stereo stems to work with, an instrumental and an acapella, which he then built upon. 

The bassline is equally haunting and epic, and gives of the feel of a dark electronic rock symphony whilst the strings who subtly ply their trade in the background add an immersive sense of atmosphere and leave you swimming in the track happy to dive back under for another listen. Free download available below! 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/38021224" iframe="true" /]

Dubstep · Electronic


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