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Animal Heart - "UN-Extraordinary Man" [Exclusive]

      UN-Extraordinary Man
Stream: Animal Heart - UN-Extraordinary Man

Here are some words from the band on "UN-Extraordinary Man",

"Witness a man with his head in his hands,
Bereft of purpose, yet armed with a plan...

Witness a man as he walks down the street,
The smallest of men with an Animal Heart beat,

Witness a man whose life has let him down,
Tired and wounded but he'll come back around,

Witness a man who always gets back up,
To drink his fill from an empty cup...

Witness a winner,
Witness a loser,
Witness a sinner,
Witness a boozer,

Maybe his time is coming.
Witness the UN-Extraordinary Man..."


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JD Freeman
9 years ago

Love it! Todd Clark is the man.