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The Jane Doze - Girls Talk [Album]

Fresh off their West Coast trip that included DJing a Grammy party, the lovely ladies of The Jane Doze have released Girls Talk - a 12 track album consisting of 6 unreleased and 6 released tracks. I've heard of the beauty Claire and Jen possess, but it is the gorgeous sounds of Girls Talk that really speak to me (pun intended). Each track is elegantly crafted in a manner that makes every song stand out. With the title of the album perhaps foreshadowing the focus of the vocal samples, Girls Talk is indeed rampant with female vocals. However, the selections aren't misplaced and serve to emphasize the beat and feel of the track. Of course, The Jane Doze still utilizes enough male vocals that when combined, creates near-perfect synergy. Case in point: "Glad You Raised Your Weapon" takes Greta Svabo Bech's vocals, from Deadmau5's "Raise Your Weapon", to establish a relaxed and captivating vibe before slightly raising the tempo and energy with The Wanted's "Glad You Came". It's this synergy that makes Girls Talk stand out as a mashup album of note.

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Download: The Jane Doze - Girls Talk

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High as Fuck
High as Fuck
8 years ago

honestly, well said sir. although i don't think you give this album justice. while your analysis of synergistic male and female vocals is compelling, I think the the most important thing is that no matter the mood in your in, this album makes you feel GUHREAT. Not like, but not unlike Tony the Tiger. Doesn't it seem like you'll find an album or group and there'll be like two tracks on an album or mixtape that are just fan-tastic. and you'll be like WAHOO! and that's cool and all, but then theres like 14 tracks that all make you daydream about getting a job. and that's a boring ass daydream. This entire album is fan-mygoodgod-tastic. I mean, tell me one track that you're like "ahhhh naw, no thanks music, I'll go read". The breadth of emotion captured in such musical sounds is nothing short of INspiRAtionAL. (read with the caps emphasis, it sounds better) . It perchance might boggle one's mind to comprehend how well these tracks are combined and produced by only two individuals. PERCHANCE! If i were to ponder a postulate I woud presume that they might be as interesting as their music. but seriously, just a great album. I mean seriously, c'mon.