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Strava - Transylvania EP

Here is a new new EP by the talented Strava, part of the Kannibalen Records crew.  For those of you unfamiliar Kanibalen, they are a Montreal record label who bring a full service multi-media angle expressed through a graphic novel backstory to their label.

The story goes that all the artists are heroes in a world where a strange cannibal disease has spread.

Strava's bio:

The Kannibalen disease had spread throughout Transylvania, turning the local populace into flesh-hungry cannibals. Vampire King Strava, now deprived of his regular source of blood, locked himself away in the darkest dungeon of his castle to compose a new opus of face-ripping bass lines and chilling melodies. The record, called Transylvania, would bring him legions of followers from the far corners of the world, and once again provide him with the supply of blood he needed.

 I love this kind of branding.  In the age of one-off Mp3 downloads you need to connect with fans and tell a story.  Artists like Daft Punk in electronic music with their robot guise or their epic Interstellar 5555 anime, Justice with their Iconic cross and arena rock feel, as well as better known artists like Gaga with her Little Monsters or even Taylor Swift and her tales of teenage heartbreak -- All connect through a story that keeps fans involved and engaged, which becomes all the more important in the age of hyper-easy streaming and bookmarking like on sites such as earmilk or wavo.me.

The EP itself is a deep, dark mix of rave friendly bangers and night driving music.  Pitched up vocal samples worthy of Moby weave through Glitchy wobbles and ravey chords.  The whole EP is that perfect kind of headphone dance music that works in the club and the car.

Before becoming the Vampire king Strava first started out blogging and mixing for my concert company and production crew saintwoods.com.  Definitely a super talented guy and along with Charlie Darker, also part of the old fam, one of the young Canadian producers to really watch out for in 2012

Stream the EP on soundcloud and go cop it on Beatport if you're feeling it.


And a free track courtesy of Strava and Kanibalen for Earmilkers!

      08 Death Of Diskotekk (Strava Remix)
Download: Strava - Death Of Diskotekk (Strava Remix)

Dubstep · Electronic


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  • If you can listen to Strava without going into uncontrollable jerking movements you think are called dancing then your not alive.

    Avatar LackOfAConscious March 6, 2012 7:06 PM Reply

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