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Adam F - "When The Rain Is Gone" [Video]

It's the classic tale of Man vs. Subwoofer. Man leaks black liquid from shoes. Man melts into liquid and becomes part of subwoofer. Adam F has been on the scene for a long, long time and crossed as many genres, from Mobo-winning DnB production to working with some of the biggest names in US hip-hop. Make sure to check out some of the work he did with Breakbeat Kaos back when Pendulum were DJs and played clubs instead of stadiums.

Adam F's new track "When the Rain is Gone" is a mighty big sound. You can hear the nod down the modern route dubstep has taken but at the same time the classic breakbeat and bass sounds are distinctly audible. The video takes place in a grimy warehouse scene with a hoard of gorgeous people staring at the average-looking dude as he leads the way towards the stack. Once the bass drops, that is when the mayhem really kicks off. Bodies meet concrete pillars, flames burst, washing machines combust and a hoast of sub standard wiring is on show. Check the video below and be sure to support Adam F when the single releases at the beginning of April.

Dubstep · Electronic


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9 years ago

one quick thing the main feature you label as 'AVERAGE LOOKING' is an one of the UK's top up&coming models who travels the world and has had success in lots of markets, the extras are models from bristol.#just saying

9 years ago
Reply to  montague

Can you tell me his name?