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Nero - "Must Be The Feeling" (South Central Remix)

Where the original of the track took a diplomatic approach to bass weight and wobble, choosing a route with a splash more funk and sunnier side up sounds, South Central have ignored that completely and brought things firmly back into the gritty electronic alt rock genre they do very very well. 

Their remix of Nero's "Must Be The Feeling" retains some of the lighthearted and all around positive feeling, trance-like synths and the pleasant female vocals, just enough to ease you into thinking the mood of the song has not been altered too much. Then they drop a wobble bomb and take things down a far more familiar path. You can download the remix for free below. 

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/37220502" iframe="true" /]

Dubstep · Electro


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9 years ago

the drop is inssssane!!!