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The American Dollar - Awake in the City [Album Preview]

A few weeks ago it was reported on The American Dollar's official website that a brand new LP would be released sometime this spring which now says just 19 days! The new record will be entitled Awake in the City and it's fantastic news as this post-rock, ambient duo is just reaching their prime. If you aren't familiar with The American Dollar, their music is basically a more epic, electronic based post-rock sound with lots of ambient qualities. Their last few albums, including Atlas and A Memory Stream, were released to critical acclaim and then re-released with brand new, ambient remixes. This band is one of the most talented post-rock outfits around today and if you want to check them out before their new album comes out in March, check out some tracks below. I personally recommend "The Slow Wait, Parts 1&2" as it is in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous songs ever produced.

      3 fade in out
Download: The American Dollar - Fade In/Out

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Ambient · Post-Rock


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