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Thievery Corporation - "Culture of Fear" (DISCOFORGIA Remix)[EXCLUSIVE]

DISCOFORGIA, the Italian DJ/Producer, has consistently provided us with non-stop dance remixes that you have no choice but to groove to. Then he finally dropped his first major EP (Evade The Grave) which featured his unique blending of electro and breakbeat. Now, he's back with another dope remix of a track that may of started of being pretty "chill" but, once DISCOFORGIA got his hands on the track; it's now anything but. The track is called "Culture of Fear" and is the titular track from the 2011 Thievery Corporation album. This remixed version is injected with enough energy to compete with your favorite glitchy dance track and it's unapologetic in its "in your face" funky delivery. Enjoy.

      Thievery Corporation - Culture Of Fear (DISCOFORGIA Remix)
Download: Thievery Corporation - Culture Of Fear (DISCOFORGIA Remix)

Breakbeat · Electro


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