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Spacy & Alexandre Monteiro: Profiled + "le Quai de la Rédemption" [Video]

Alexandre Monteiro: I come from a Parisian suburb, and I am actually a Bachelor of Graphic Design. Hip-hop music was not my first passion. I actually hated this kind of music before. A little bit like Lupe Fiasco! But since I got into that music style, I swear by it. I now work in visual communications. I always wanted to do something within the fourth art, which is the cinema.

Spacy: This nickname was given to me thanks my timber voice which people refer to as "Spaced-Out", hence Spacy.I started to write my first songs from an early age, 11 years old. It is really in 2008 that I started to gather some sounds for a project, but failed to reaching something concrete! I was always involved in music from my early years thanks to my family. My uncle is a well known musician in his country, like Drake!

Alex: They are various. I take influences from everywhere in order to imagine something, which is what I did for the “le quai de la redemption”. As this is my first project working with that kind of music, I did not know what to do. Then I decided to watch video clips of various hip-hop tracks in order to find the way to produce it! The projects of Nabil Elderkin I really admire. I really enjoy the videos he created for Kanye West! To me, those two artists are really the best into their field, but other guys inspire me, like Hype Williams and Jason Goldwatch. I also really like BBgun and illroots! In France, my favorites are, Koria and Michel Gondry

Spacy - le Quai de la Rédemption (directed by Alexandre Montiero

Spacy: I'm influenced me by both U.S. artists and French artists. I like many rap styles, and lyricist like Nas,Common and Lupe Fiasco always inspire me. I also really like the Game, Kid Ink and The Weeknd! As Far as France, my favorites artists are Youssoupha and Oxmo Puccino

Alex:My meeting with Spacy was made possible thanks to common friends, who participated on the project. Hadrien Vedel is the first artist with whom I worked, and I still want to work again with him, but I’m open to other proposals. We are very motivated, my friends and I!

Spacy: For now I’m working only with my producer Terma-J. I have some features on my last mixtape, but I really want to do things on my own way. I'm open to eventual collaborations with other artist. If I have to choose, my next project will it will involve Rick James and Roy Ayers

Alex: We are working on the second Spacy video clip. Our goal is to get French hip-hop moving, cause it is actually really rusty. We are working hard towards perfection, and it’s our mission to be more creative!

Spacy:For now now we are working on a collective group which we created: “DMC” (Delorean Music Company). The aim is to permit each member to grow up towards a discipline which correspond to their thought and influences towards a common project! As far I’m concerned I’m doing one album per year. The feedback is good, but I will try to do several mixtapes for fans for now, but we put quality before quantity!



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