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The Skints - "Ratatat" [Video]

East London reggae quintet The Skints are doing anything but rest on laurels after the massive support they got from Katy B, Skream and Benga with their rendition of Katy B's "On A Mission".  Riding the wave all gnarly-like, they've just unleashed the video for their new single "Ratatat", which is due for release February 27th.  I'm still a little bit lost as to what to call this music, and at the same time not really bothered  by the need to shoebox it. It reminds me a little bit of The Specials and Madness, if you don't know either of those bands check them out as they are important, but with a modern twang and an east London swagger that makes it deathly infectious and cunningly catchy. These guys look set to keep on building throughout the year and are getting some mighty suppot from the most unlikely places. Hold your ears open.



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