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Gabriel Stark - Starky F. Kennedy [Album]

Innovative, inspirational, interesting and incredible are just a few words that came to mind when I came across music coming from Gabriel Stark. Immediately you'll recognize that he is a product of the newer generation of musicians who appreciate all forms and types of music. On his previous work you'll find him doing his own production which consists of hip-hop, rap, indie, pop and almost anything that he can get away with. Ultimately he leaves you with a full plate of deep or superficial lyrics and varied instrumentals that would satisfy any modern listener who is looking for more than just a one-trick pony who deals with one type of sound. Out with the old in with the new generation of music.

Gabriel Stark has just unleashed his latest full album which is entitled Starky F. Kennedy. This album brought us two singles in aticipation of the release. They were "Jackie O" and "Rolling Through Dallas" which easily showcases the different type of styles this artist brings to the table. And that's just two fo the tracks. You'll find that the rest of the album contains tracks that could of all been chosen as singles as no two tracks really sound the same. This is a very ambitious project from Stark as he's really allowing you, the listener, to give him a chance to prove to you that he has something new to bring. The album speaks on political issues, social issues and other things that are obviously just present in Gabriel's brain stream. Some of the other stand out tracks are "Scriptures", "Glory" & "Marilyn Monroe". No matter your tastes in music; there's definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Download the album below.

Download: Gabriel Stark - Whispers

      Rolling Through Dallas
Download: Gabriel Stark - Rolling Through Dallas

      Jackie Onassis
Download: Gabriel Stark - Jackie Onassis

Download: Gabriel Stark - Starky F. Kennedy



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