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The Denzels - Easy Tiger [EP]

Previously known as The Goods, members have switched their name to The Denzels early last year. Now, in 2012, they have a free EP to share with the indie world. The Denzels will be releasing two songs under Easy Tiger, entitled "Rae Rae" and "Black Girls", on the 11th of this month. Their music is basically a cross of New York's edgy rock scene with the playful breezes of California. Think The Cribs and a heavier version of Dominant Legs. As Brooklyn-ites, The Denzels will be partying at Glasslands Gallery on the night of their release, next Wednesday. Make sure to stop by if you're in the neighborhood and for tickets click here.

      Rae Rae
Download: The Denzels - Rae Rae

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