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Skrillex - "Breathe" (D.veloped Vocal Mash)

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I love the original "Breathe" track that leaked a while back from Skrillex (not so much the actual "Breathe" track that was on the EP), and thankfully the leaked version is the track that D.veloped thought to use. He sent this track my way awhile back, and I mean a long ass time ago, but never released it to be downloaded. Two words: I suffered. A lot.

Now, this is one mash that I just love all aspects. Skrillex's "Breathe" is a breath (no pun intended) of fresh air from what Skrillex normally puts out, and the vocals - whether it be Kreayshawn, Three 6 Mafia, etc. - fit in perfectly with the throbbing bass. Quite honestly, this could be my favorite mashup of the entire year because it's relaxing while at the same time gets me moving. Which is something I have always loved about D.veloped - his music is special and in my opinion takes mashups to another level. So listen (many many times) and be prepared for his upcoming mixtape that he's working on because that's another project of his that I've had the luck to listen to but am still waiting to get the final version. Just got to wait til he finishes...

      Skrillex - Breathe (D.veloped Vocal Mash)
Download: D.veloped - Skrillex - Breathe (D.veloped Vocal Mash)

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  • this tracks called the summit ft ellie...

    Avatar Croydon December 29, 2011 3:01 PM Reply
    • no this is the original Breathe that supposedly got leaked before he reworked and titled it "Summit"

      Avatar dickslikeknives December 29, 2011 7:47 PM Reply
    • Croydon, as "dickslikeknives" writes this track was the original "Breathe" track sans Ellie Goulding. And there are some minor differences between "Breathe" and "Summit"

      Avatar Anonymous December 29, 2011 9:07 PM Reply

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