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Artist Remixed - Daft Punk [Part 1]

There are thousands of popular artists out there today making new singles all the time. With the increase of bedroom producers, though, the ability to simply download a whole studio that you can use right on your lap has made original songs more scarce. Now it seems that you're finding tens of thousands of remixes by artists with more and more ludicrous names, leaving you wondering, "Transexual Viking Sword Bro- what???" This weekly segment will bring you the popular remixes and the never heard of "Transexual Viking Sword Brothers" remixes of a (common) artist's singles. From all these bedroom producers we are seeing one thing, and that is absolutely fantastic, manipulated, warped remixes.

I caved. Here's your "Artist Remixed - Daft Punk."

One of the most common artists that's requested for "Artist Remixed", besides Ellie Goulding, Justice and Adele, is Daft Punk (go figure). I thought I would never make an "Artist Remixed - Daft Punk" because the amount of remixes would have been ridiculous. There were a ton, and to be completely honest, when I first started searching for remixes, I thought to myself, "dear god, what have I gotten myself into?" Yet here we are (after wadding through the edits which simply picked up the BPM or remixes that simply looped edited vocals), I present to you week 1 of Artist Remixed - Daft Punk. For the first week I have featured remixes from their 2 earliest albums: Homework and Discovery.

To begin this post, as I began "Artist Remixed - Skrillex," I present an amazing visual mashup of Daft Punk. All the songs are structured uniquely, layered over one another and matched to different colours so you can really see the anatomy of a mashup. This is a great piece of art aswell as a mashup made by Cameron Adams. You can watch the visual show here. The visualization works best on Chrome or Safari (so if you're using Internet Explorer, it's time to upgrade).

Download: Cameron Adams - Definitive Daft Punk (Cameron Adams)

Electro Remixes

There were a ton of electro remixes that I found for Daft Punk's two earliest albums. Some heavier electro than others, but all generally good. The Overthrill adds a nice disco electro spin on "Around the World" with a beat breakdown halfway through. The Hell Ektrik, Coin Operated Boy, DubCHI, Radman and Dirty Disco Youth all have your classic heavy electro synth that you find so commonly in Suicide Sundaes. The Psymbionic remix is a lighter electro remix with small wobbles that give it the edge to become electro rather than disco. My two favourite remixes, though, would have to be the HLM and L.A.S.E.R remixes; the HLM remix has an absolutely chaotic electro breakdown while the L.A.S.E.R remix focuses more on the vocals, making them the main catch of the remix. Enjoy.

      Around the World (Overthrill Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Around the World (Overthrill Remix)

      Digital Love (Hell Ektrik Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Digital Love (Hell Ektrik Remix)

      Television Rules The Nation (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Television Rules The Nation (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)

      Something About Us (Psymbionic Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Something About Us (Psymbionic Remix)

      Harder Better Faster Stronger (Coin Operated Boy Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Coin Operated Boy Remix)

      Highlife (DubCHI Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Highlife (DubCHI Remix)

      Television Rules the Nation (Radman Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Television Rules the Nation (Radman Remix)

      Harder Better Faster Stronger (L.A.S.E.R. Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (L.A.S.E.R. Remix)

      Harder Better Faster Stronger (HLM Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (HLM Remix)

Dubstep Remixes

I managed to find only a couple of dubstep remixes for this week, but the few I found make up for the lack in numbers. It's quality over quantity. The Freeman remix has more bass than the others so all you bass-heads better grab your fix. The Produce and Destroy remix is your typical dubstep, it has a heavy drop with a good balance of wobble and bass. But the highlight of all three would have to be the Schoolboy remix of "Da Funk". Schoolboy takes the original song and adds a heavy wobble beat to funk sounds with small vocals here and there. There's a great build to the drop which falls off into a heavy drumstep beat. Enjoy.

      01 Harder Better Faster Stronger (Freemun Dubstep Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Freemun Dubstep Remix)

      Aerodynamic (Produce%20%20Destroy Dubstep Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Aerodynamic (Produce & Destroy Dubstep Remix)

      Da Funk (Schoolboy Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Da Funk (Schoolboy Remix)

Disco Remixes

The disco remixes are few but really good. The Cosmo Vitelli remix has a slower disco melody that's almost nu-disco but the edited vocals and a fidget acid house give it that original disco sound. The Revolte remix on the other hand is a classic example of a disco remix. My highlights though go to the Nycer Remode mix of "Around the World". It's debatable that this is disco, but I found that the synth remake of the main beat makes it more disco than electro/house. Probably one of my favourite songs here. Great work Nycer! Enjoy.

      Voyager (Revolte Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Voyager (Revolte Remix)

      Face to Face (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Face to Face (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)

      Around The World (The Nycer Remode Mix)
Download: Daft Punk - Around The World (The Nycer Remode Mix)

Nu-Disco Remixes

I have another bunch of disco remixes but these are a lot softer and more French-sounding than the disco remixes above. The Patchwork edit and Frankie Soukal Lake Shore remix are more relaxed and beat-oriented than the other two. The Cherokee is probably one of the most popular remixes I've found, and for good reason, the gentle chillwave relaxing beat makes it a highlight of this post. But my major highlight would have to be the Ananth Ram remix because (call me biased) it's a remix of one of my favourite songs by Daft Punk. It's a much lighter, French disco spin off the usual heavy electro "Television Rules the Nation". Enjoy.

      Fresh (Patchwork Edit)
Download: Daft Punk - Fresh (Patchwork Edit)

      Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Something About Us (Cherokee Remix)

      High Fidelity (Frankie Soukal Lake Shore Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - High Fidelity (Frankie Soukal Lake Shore Remix)

      Television Rules the Nation (Antham Ram Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Television Rules the Nation (Antham Ram Remix)

Trance Remixes

What's an Artist Remixed without some trance, right? The two tracks I found were alright for this section. The first is Z's Trance remix and is very ambient sounding, the second is Reticulum's remix, which is a lot more euro techno than trance but has a very ambient synth fading in and out throughout. Enjoy.

      One More Time (Zs Trance Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - One More Time (Zs Trance Remix)

      Harder Better Faster Stronger (Reticulum Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Reticulum Remix)


The mashups this week were a real treat, I really liked all of them. Kid Dub's mashup and Sammi Saari's mashup feature both "Around the World" and "Harder Better Faster Stronger" while Steo's mashup features "Television Rules the Nation" and "The Son of Flynn" so if you're feeling like sticking strictly to just Daft Punk sounds this week, those are the three for you. If you're feeling like some more pop mashups, then check out Salvoriz's mashup with "Animale" and "One More Time", which is a smooth blend from one to the other with some electro in between. My highlights, though, are on Joran's mashup though which features "Little Bad Girl" and "Around the World" mixing them into an amazing house mashup. Enjoy.

      The Son Of Flynn Rules The Nation (Steo Mashup)
Download: Daft Punk - The Son Of Flynn Rules The Nation (Steo Mashup)

      Around the World_Harder Better Faster Stronger (Sammi Saari Mashup)
Download: Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger/Around the World (Sammi Saari Mashup)

      Around the World (Kid Dub Mashup)
Download: Daft Punk - Around the World (Kid Dub Mashup)

      One More Animale (Salvoriz Mashup)
Download: Daft Punk - One More Animale (Salvoriz Mashup)

      Little Bad Girl Around The World (Joran Mashup)
Download: Daft Punk - Little Bad Girl Around The World (Joran Mashup)

Rap Remixes

I've done this a couple of times before and each time I've been pretty impressed with the remixes, this week I've included a re-rub of a WBBL's remix which is already very beat orientated. WBBL made a amazing chopped screwed remix of "Highlife" and Ill-Type mixed vocals on top of the track. WBBL is producing a lot of great stuff, definitely worth checking out which you can do here. Enjoy.

      Highlife (WBBL Remix)
Download: Daft Punk - Highlife (WBBL Remix)

      Highlife (WBBL Remix) ill Type Re-Rub
Download: Daft Punk - Highlife (WBBL Remix) [ill Type Re-Rub]

Overall Favourite Mashup

So my overall favourite (mashup?) is FEEG's mashup. Yes, I know this is Artist Remixed and not Artist Mashup'd, and the overall favourite should be a remix and not a mashup, but hey, FEEG did an amazing job on the mashup which features Manufactured Superstars and Daft Punk. it starts with a gentle beginning which features smooth vocals that build in a moombah house drop. Slowly, you can hear "Aerodynamic" creeping in the mashup. I usually am not a fan of either mashups or moombah but this song by FEEG has turned my head around. FEEG makes a lot of electro/dubstep mashups that are worth checking out. You can listen to them all on his Soundcloud page.

Daft Punk - "Take Me Aerodynamic" (FEEG Mashup)

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