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JoiStaRR - "Thinking Bout You"

L.A. native JoiStaRR (formerly back up singer to Kanye West) is back with another cover track. Earlier on this year she covered Coldplay's "Yellow". This time its a cover of OFWGKTA crooner Frank Ocean's "Thinking Bout You". JoiStaRR's vocals over this is, quite simply, beautiful. Since I first heard it, it has been on repeat. I'm hoping that there will be an album to follow up the single shortly, but I could not find any sign of one anytime soon. I'm hoping I'm wrong. If "Thinking Bout You" is anything to go by... JoiStaRR's album should be incredible. Until then keep your eyes peeled for more of JoiStaRR's #MagicMonday releases.  Follow me @iAmaButtafly

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/30427617"]



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