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The Skints - "On A Mission" (Katy B Cover)

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East London Reggae is how they describe themselves. I can't really think of a more apt genre to describe The Skints' sound. They fuse ska, reggae, punk, dub and East London vibes into a beautiful collection of noise.

This cover has been getting love from everywhere! Big ups and posts from Skream, Benga and Katy B herself. All pretty good endorsements. 10,000 views on YouTube in a day. I think it is safe to say this is a band to start getting excited buy. Keeping true to their "take the path less walked" roots, their new album produced by Prince Fatty was funded entirely by pledges from their fans. They could pledge simply for the album or from a list of other gifts including house party gigs, name in credits, signed drum sticks etc etc. They had 90 days to reach their pledge total. They did it in 11. Yeh. Check the video below and hurl these guys some support for the upcoming album.

Stream: The Skints - On A Mission (Katy B Cover)

Dance · Dub


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