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SOFI - "Bring Out The Devil" Feat. Skrillex

There's been a great stir around news of Skrillex coming out with a new album in December. To begin with, he recently told Zane Lowe from BBC 1 that he has "30 or so record bits that he could make an album" as well as in "December he'll have an EP with 5 or 6 releases and a couple of remixes." Not only this, but he was tweeted by @JordanShikle who said "need to put out new music" and replied "two weeks" which was on December 1. So basically, anything that creeps onto the internet with the slightest mention of his name is instantly spread and leaked everywhere and anywhere. The track I bring you today is a new song which features Skrillex's usual grimey dubstep underneath aggressive vocals from SOFI (of Deadmau5 fame). It's been leaked from "god knows where" and is already spreading over blogs everywhere. If you're seeing this for the first time and expect that when you hit play, a new "filthy Skrillex track" is going to blare out, you've come to the wrong place. This is SOFI's track with Skrillex along the aggressive side. But I'll say this again, there is no drop, there is no wobble, there's just the simple grime. Enjoy it for SOFI's amazing vocals, not the Skrillex side of things.

      Bring Out The Devil (Original Mix)
Stream Only: SOFI Feat. Skrillex - Bring Out The Devil (Original Mix)

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