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Introducing: Tommy Noble

As genre Nazis say Electro is dead - Tommy Noble says no. Influenced by Wolfgang Gartner, Dada Life, Pendulum, Fred Falke and M83 this Santa Barbara, CA based duo has come along way. Emerging out of really no where have now made a huge impression on the Electronic Music scene. Starting out by playing at Christian Raves and scuzzy IV house parties, they now play with world class talent such as, Tiesto, Porter Robinson, Bart B More, Steve Aoki, and Dada Life.

Rock Wit U (Tommy Noble Remix)

Meet Trevor and Alex.

The sweet top melodies with a steady and consistent progression through each of their tunes gives them a defined sound they can call their own. Complex Trancy, Electro house snyths brought together by the nasty Dubstep growls and precisely side-chained Moombahton like drums make all of their tracks something you need for your DJ set and ipod.

They play around with everything from Electro, Dubstep and even some Moombahton. Think of them as the John Stockon of the Electronic Dance scene-- They got the ball handling, court-vision and long range jumper.

Tommy Noble will be playing with Mord Fustang  on Decemeber 14th in Santa Ana and with Le Castlevania, and Spencer & Hill on the 16th at Avalon in Hollywood.

Tommy Noble is currently working on a collaboration with Big Chocolate  that has the all the elements to becoming a Moombahcore club standard.

They have a new remix out on the 12th. Stay tuned for a exclusive stream.

Download: Tommy Noble - Zombie Cancer - Original Mix

Download: Tommy Noble - The Engineer - Original Mix

Blackout (Tommy Noble Remix)

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