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Giddy & Martin Giuffre - Triumph [Album]

Giddy and Martin Giuffre are two small producers who are producing electro and house "big room bangers." The two are working together on their upcoming album Triumph, which includes their latest single of the same name.  A full version of "Triumph" was just released for free download on Soundcloud, accompanied by a preview of another track which will be a part of the album. "Triumph" begins with a progressive groove that builds into an almost Avicii-style synth climax. The first drop--a tease--carrying again to a second drop which lifts the listener right off of his or her feet.


Giddy & Martin Giuffre - Triumph (Original Mix)

In Triumph's second track, Giddy & Martin Giuffre exhibit more of an electro structure--it gets to the build more quickly than the first track and combines high-energy synths with a heavier beat. 

Giddy & Martin Giuffre - ID (Original Mix Preview)

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