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Double Dip - 59 - Tearjerker

Toronto is a city that constantly both surprises and amazes me. Uncovering bands is a passion of mine, and finding one that is so touching from the city that I'm from brings me nothing but utter joy. Introducing Tear Jerker's, a shoe gaze, glo-fi band consisting of members Micah Bonte (vocals, guitar), Trevor Hawkins (drums, samples, production) and Taylor Shute (bass, keys, design).

The band has just released their third album entitled "Rare". It is just buttered up with dreamy vocals, lofi soundscapes and overall entrancing music production. The whole thing just pulls you in and with such variation in each song these nine tracks will keep surprising.

Check out the boys bandcamp here and buy their limited edition album (100 copies) here:

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Indie · Lo-Fi · Shoegaze


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