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Extrawelt - In Aufruhr [Album]

Having just recently written about Hamburg-based producers Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe (known collaboratively as Extrawelt), to learn that they were to be releasing a full-length album on Germany's Cocoon Recordings a few weeks into the future was quite a treat of good news. The future is now, and Extrawelt's most recent LP, In Aufruhr has arrived.

The wide-reaching embrace that is Extrawelt's exploratory sound is audible on In Aufruhr, as the duo explains:

"We don't want cowardly Zeitgeist Techno. We want to be courageous and dare new sounds and melodies. Sunrise scenarios, energy, revolution and 'Kaputtheit' - these are all parts of the Extrawelt. We took our time and have collected tracks that have particularly touched us, no matter whether they are club-compatible or not. Besides that, we didn't want to repeat ourselves but create a unique second album that's stands for itself."

While many of the LP's tracks can be deemed 'club-compatible,' it's Extrawelt's immovable philosophy towards the exploration of techno and extremely well-crafted technical detail that make In Aufrufr arguably one of the best techno albums of the year.

"Swallow the Leader" exemplifies the club-sensibilities of Extrawelt, while still exhibiting so much of their wide spectrum of sounds taken from their respective sonic libraries. Contrasting LFO's move the track through a series of parametrical changes, various textures exchange emotive melody runs with one another and build towards a Gregorian-esque climax.

Stream: Extrawelt - Swallow the Leader (Original Mix)

The successive sounds of "808 Slate" showcase Extrawelt's more experimental, yet still undeniably groovy side. Stuttering doubled percussion accompanies glitchy patches and digital sound-scapes--contrasted by further low-end LFO rumbling and the subtle melodic content of less abrasive tonally-friendly sounds.

Stream: Extrawelt - 808 Slate (Original Mix)

Fourteen tracks of Extrawelt's finest picks are sure to please listeners for some time--the replay value of this album is very, very high.  Be sure to clear some space on your iPod for this one.

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