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Basic Physics & Yoni - Bastoblast (Skrillex x Basto x Porter Robinson x Rihanna)

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"Well damn" - that was my initial reaction when I heard that these two artists were potentially doing a collaborative project. My reaction after taking a listen to the final version? Yeah, the same thing with a couple more choice superlatives as well. If you haven't heard of Basic Physics or Yoni, then you haven't stayed up to date within the mashup genre. These guys are cementing themselves as two of the most consistent and spectacular mashup artists in the game.

For me, this track is solid all around. Using Basto's "Again and Again" track as the main instrumental sample, Basic and Yoni do a great job of building you up, peaking at the right moment, and letting the insanity just take over. Individually, Rihanna's "We Found Love" isn't a track that I would enjoy on its own, but the use of her vocals in this track was spot-on.

However, probably my favorite aspect about the track is how each vocal samples flows from one to the next. I mean that in the sense that each sample didn't sound out of place in the particular segment it was placed in. One example - Posner's vocals at the 1:45 minute mark served perfectly as the track was slowing down, but Amber Sheperd's vocals from Porter Robinson's "Vandalism" brought the tempo right back just as the track started to build again. The effort and the attention to detail that these two artists employed while making this track is evident, so take a listen and decide for yourself. As always, take a second to like each artist's FB page - Basics Physics and Yoni.

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      Basic Physics%20%20Yoni - Bastoblast (Skrillex x Basto x Porter Robinson x Rihanna)
Download: Basic Physics & Yoni - Bastoblast (Skrillex//Basto//Porter Robinson//Rihanna)

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9 years ago

what is the song called at 1:45?