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Adventure Club - Dubstep Playlist [Earmilk Exclusive]

Here is an exclusive wavo playlist for Earmilk.com put together by Canadian dubsteppers Adventure Club who are quickly blowing up.


Leighton one half of the club talks about where they're at musically and the thinking for the Earmilk playlist below. You can save the entire playlist on wavo.me - here's the direct link, but now a few words the duo:

Lately, these are the bass-ish tunes we've been into. Some old some new. (With the exception of our own remixes of course, leave it to us to shamelessly self promote). Most of these are really vocally driven, we do like the filthy grimey stuff, however, as of recent, we're really into a more vocal dubstep as well as a ton of indie-esque songs.

As for us, we have a US/Canadian tour lined up for 2012. Going to spend the rest of the year playing one-offs and writing/releasing a bunch of new songs. Next one is due to drop within the next couple weeks. 

huge thanks for the Earmilk for the constant support.

Adventure Club



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