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Summer Camp - Welcome To Condale [Album]

As an avid follower of Summer Camp, there are exciting things to come! Needless to say, Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley have done it again. This next achievement of theirs is entitled Welcome To Condale.

We are all familiar with singles "I Want You" and "Better Off Without You" but Welcome To Condale introduces ten more tracks of nostalgic goodness. Just imagine the soundtrack of your parents' prom night and that is only a simple wrap of this album. The sweet admirations from Summer Camp of the 1980s are heavily influenced, like their heavily synthed tunes. Every song has a head nodding vibe that's strong enough to cause flashbacks and let me assure you, none will take you to the same place because each track is notably different. Elizabeth and Jeremy discreetly switch roles in "Brian Krakow" as Jeremy sings with an electronic rock and roll sound. Then in "Last American Virgin", there is an imitable whistle followed by a rhythmic duet. If this album does not impress you with their wistful sways, I don't know what will.

Today, Summer Camp released Welcome To Condale to their UK campers but for Americans, Prefix is offering individual songs off the album on their SoundCloud page. I highly suggest streaming or pre-ordering the album before November 7th (U.S. Release Date). Below is Jeremy's remix of "How It Ended" from The Drums via RCRDLBL , the music video of Welcome To Condale's 7th track, "Down" and Summer Camp's tour dates.

      How It Ended (Jeremy Summer Camp Remix)
Download: The Drums - How It Ended (Jeremy Summer Camp Remix)

Music Video of "Down" (Directed by Chris Boyle) 

 Summer Camp Tour


04 - Rome, Italy - Animal Social Club

05 -Bologna, Italy - Covo

09 - Lancaster, UK - Library

10 - Liverpool, UK - Mojo

11 - Newcastle, UK - Dog & Parrot

12 - Leeds, UK - Constellations Festival

14 - Southampton, UK - Joiners

15 - Oxford, UK - Jericho

17 - London, UK - Efes Pool Hall (Dalston)

18 - Canterbury, UK - Farmhouse

19 - Brighton, UK - Green Door Store

21 - Amsterdam, Holland - Paradiso

23 - Brussels, Belgium - WitloofBar, Botanique

24 - Paris, France - Le Petit Bain

25 - Berlin, Germany - Levee

26 - Utrecht, Holland - Le Guess Who @ Ekko

 Also visit SummerCamp.com because they have incredible special effects.


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