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Paille - Inflammable

Today we're headed back to my beautiful island of Martinique in the West Indies.  Lesson time:

    Creole lesson #2: "Pa ni pwoblem" phrase, translation: no problem/no worries

Paille is a fast-flow reggae/dancehall singer from Martinique. His second major album Inflammable came out this year and is a massive hit on the island. It's a mix of reggae, dancehall, and soul. I'm posting two songs and a video off of the album that are typical of island music: energetic, comedic, while usually putting a positive spin on serious issues.  Paille's hat is his signature look. It's called a Bakoua and is a traditional Caribbean farmer's hat. People wear these hats when they are on strike, or jobless - usually accompanied by a hammock and a bottle of rum.

Times are tough so I would suggest doing as the islanders do: press play on the stereo, get out the rum, the Bakoua, and let "Pa ni pwoblem" be your mantra for the week. It can't hurt to have a positive outlook on life, right? Enjoy!

      07 Assez (feat. Konshens)
Download: Paille - Assez (feat. Konshens)

      02 Rd son
Download: Paille - Rèd son

Caribbean · Island Reggae


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9 years ago

I never thought I would like a dancehall tune, and I'm french I understand the lyrics, these are smart!

9 years ago
Reply to  Midz

Hmm smart in "Assez", but soo funny in "Fanm lan"!

Shane Carrick
Shane Carrick
9 years ago

Ah oui tellement intelligent, on ma dit que il est prof en martinique. . .