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Hi-Rez - A Walk to Remember [Mixtape]

I wanted to touch back on a mixtape that I think deserves a bit more shine than it's gotten. Hi-Rez, the ambitious and lyrically fueled artist out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, is making waves across the east coast with his latest tape "A Walk to Remember." The title track is absolutely fire and Hi-Rez's quick and clever wordplay leaves listeners wondering how he did that. His sophomore mixtape focuses on things beyond money cars and clothes and more no where he's at in the rap game and where he strives to be. It's something I think a lot of young rappers can easily relate to and young fans will love his candid view of the world from the eyes of a future celebrity... at least in my opinion. Below is the mixtape; which I highly recommend you download, along with the visual for "All I Have" a song off his last tape Early Release.

Hi-Rez - All I Have

Download: Hi-Rez - A Walk to Remember

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9 years ago

reaaaaallll shiiiiiittttttt

Esoteric minded
Esoteric minded
9 years ago

Rez is about to blow keep it Real