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Work Drugs - Aurora Lies [Album]

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The inspirations behind Work Drug's Aurora Lies are from the mesmerizing adventures of a sailboat. You can almost imagine what kind of sounds that would be.

Aurora Lies was "written while taking the 'scenic route' from the Keys to the Baja of Mexico by sailing around Cape Horn. Encountering rough seas, the S.S. Flying Zambo had to take shelter in the Drake Passage for a number of days," these songs were created to express their homesickness and their lives in Philadelphia. You can buy a couple of songs on Work Drug's Bandcamp and stream the rest of the album. Here is a sample "Blue Steel", good ol' dream pop for a beautiful Sunday. 

      01 Blue Steel
Download: Work Drugs - Blue Steel

Visit Work Drug's Bandcamp.

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Chillwave · Indie · Pop


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