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Brown Shoe - Diving Bell [Earmilk Exclusive]

Take Band of Horses, sprinkle a little bit of Fleet Foxes, mash it all together in indie music goodness and you have yourself Brown Shoe. Hailing from Northern California, this up and coming five-piece, indie-rock band is set to self-release their highly anticipated, upcoming fourth LP, The Gift Horse, on October 18.

Several months ago, we featured Brown Shoe's catchy "Colt Rider" on Week 11 of The Indie Sabbath. Today, we are proud to premiere Brown Shoe's newest single "Diving Bell" exclusively on EARMILK.

While "Colt Rider" showcased the band's fast-paced side, "Diving Bell" slows things down a bit. The song opens up with a soft, steady guitar riff with vocals from frontman Ryan Baggaley booming into the foreground. As the song progresses, "Diving Bell" turns into a beautifully orchestrated anthem that let's Brown Shoe's instrumentals do most of the talking. Cutting off just short of six minutes, the song seals the deal with its powerful  minute and a half closer.

Guitarists Aaron Baggaley had this to say about "Diving Bell":

"[Diving Bell] "A reflective look at a relationship that attempts to capture a person as they actually are, not how you choose to see them or how you wanted them to be. Given enough time and perspective your able to give up on the picture you painted in your head and see things as they are. Tethered to no place but you keep gettin' tangled up out in the open cuts"

Listen to Brown Shoe's "Diving Bell," as well as "Late Nights" and "Colt Rider," from The Gift Horse, out October 18.

      04 Diving Bell
Stream: Brown Shoe - Diving Bell

      06 Late Nights
Stream: Brown Shoe - Late Nights

      02 Colt Rider
Stream: Brown Shoe - Colt Rider

The Gift Horse:

  1. cf
  2. Colt Rider
  3. All Your Ghosts
  4. Diving Bell
  5. Sick Man
  6. Late Nights
  7. The Run
  8. Pauper
  9. Criminal Baker
  10. Sweet Crazy Baby
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