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Goth-Trad – Babylon Fall EP

Goth-Trad knows how to keep it heavy without selling out to utter bro-womp territory, and he proves himself yet again on his latest EP, Babylon Fall, released on Deep Medi (the venerable label that's also played host to dubstep dons like Skream, Silkie, Mala, Kromestar, Coki, Loefah, and more) on October 3. With four tracks clocking in at about 5 minutes each, it's a pretty great way to spend 20 minutes or so of your time.

Goth-Trad's Japanese background seemed to come out more in his earlier works, whose tone sometimes made me feel like Akira Kurosawa had taken up the art of dubstep production. That tone was something that made his work unique (check out his track "Cut End" to see what I mean). This EP feels like more "conventional" dark dubstep, but it's still pretty fantastic, and each song has its own distinct feel (and there's still a distinctly Goth-Trad flavor to this EP). "Babylon Fall" feat. Max Romeo brings vocals in, "Falling Leaf" is a straightforward dose of grime, "Itinerant Priest" is a slick primer in wub-wub-wubs, and "Sublimation" is a lighter track that closes things up sans heavy bassline.

      Goth-Trad - Itinerant Priest
Download: Goth-Trad – Itinerant Priest

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