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Conner Youngblood - "Australia"

Once again Conner Youngblood has come through with an innovative track called "Australia". He first caught my attention, with some of his previous releases, by using a Banjo but not making blue-grass music. His music is more of a fusion of many types of genres including folk, indie, pop and electronica. This new track borrows from much of that and even features the use of a Harp. How can you not appreciate ingenuity in music production and you'll notice he does all of the instrumentals and vocals. Also, you can check out live studio footage of the track below. And, you know what's kinda funny? You might not have ever heard of this guy and you are about 5 minutes away from being a new fan. You'll see. Enjoy.

Conner Youngblood - "Australia"

Spoiled but never Rotten:

Download: Conner Youngblood - Monsters

Electronica · Folk · Pop


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