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SNOWMINE - Laminate Pet Animal [Album]

Under the cracked pavements of indie music comes shooting out a pastel colored herb with the name of SNOWMINE. This herb/band treats our sentimental tears and wounds. How? Well, three words, Laminate Pet Animal. 

SNOWMINE is a five piece band from Brooklyn. Their methods of healing people requires an hour of therapy with the band's psychedelic pop sounds. I picked these guys from Multiverse Playground and I mentioned how "the cohesiveness and melting of instruments tranquilized the audience and took them to an island with their first lovers."

Although Laminate Pet Animal could have made the perfect summer playlist, it can easily be your fall addiction. Maybe I am sincerely hooked because I cannot find a single flaw on this album. Here are my top picks, "Beast in Air, Beast in Water" is a total catch.

      05 Beast in Air Beast in Water
Download:SNOWMINE - Beast in Air, Beast in Water

      08 This One
Download: SNOWMINE - This One

      07 Trial and Error
Download: SNOWMINE - Trial and Error

      02 Penny
Download: SNOWMINE - Penny

      04 Danger in the Snow
Download:SNOWMINE - Danger in the Snow!

Laminate Pet Animal is a "name your price" album, so why not?


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9 years ago

so goood

9 years ago

Damn, good find Earmilk.
Bought the album and thoroughly enjoying it.