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Updated Headless Horseman

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Earlier this month, I made a post on Headless Horseman which led to some minor misunderstandings. Fareed later contacted me with clarifications and here's the update.

Their version of "Jailbait" is a remix of an older French pop song, "J'ME FAIS MAL" by ETYL. The song is not officially released so none of that information is claimed. Although "Jailbait" is not an original from Headless Horseman, it has the same unique HH styling. I've attached a MP3 link for "Jailbait" again and under is "Handstands", a brand new track from these guys. This mystifying remix features "Bruises" by Chairlift and "Mr. Sandman" by The Chordettes

      52 Jailbait
Download: Headless Horseman - Jailbait


Download: Headless Horseman- Handstands

If you're digging Headless Horseman, take advantage of their special August promo because they need to play more live shows. On Bandcamp, just type in "augustdiscount" under discount codes and you'll receive 20% off.
Support Headless Horseman!

Stay tuned for their debut EP, HDLSS, this fall and later, a full length LP.


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