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Deerhoof – Behold A Racoon In The Darkness 7" (Feat. Jeff Tweedy)

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Despite just releasing a new album in January, Deerhoof has been slaving away over the past year working on a 7" series which features artists like Busdriver, Xiu Xiu. The band plans on reworking every track from Deerhoof Vs. Evil. Most recently they finished a project with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and The Raccoonists (which is simply Tweedy's side project with his two sons) titled Behold a Raccoon in the Darkness. The 7" features two tracks: the A-Side, "Behold Jeff Tweedy in the Darkness", and the B-Side, "Own It."

"Behold Jeff Tweedy in the Darkness" is simply Tweedy singing over an instrumental of Deerhoof's "Behold a Marvel in the Darkness" with his son Spencer providing background vocals. It starts soothing, hits chaos level and then jumps around going back and forth between the two quite a bit — and does so beautifully. "Own It" is the debut recording for the Racoonists and being bit more grimy than the A-Side, it provides a legitimate excuse for head-banging.

The 7" is set for limited release through Polyvinyl Records on October 11th. Both tracks are exceptional, speaking volumes about the talent that is Deerhoof, as well as the musical genius that the Tweedy family brings to the table. Give the tracks a listen below, and enjoy.

      01 Behold Jeff Tweedy in the Darkness
Download: Deerhoof (feat. Jeff Tweedy) – Behold Jeff Tweedy in the Darkness

      02 Own It
Download: The Raccoonists – Own It

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