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EM Exclusive Download! – Sasha – Cut Me Down (Dyno and The Neverafter remixes)

So to give you the quick skinny of what this is about: Burn Studios hooked up with Sasha to find the next big producer. To enter, you had to remix Sasha's new track "Cut Me Down". The top 14 get flown to Ibiza for masterclasses and the rest is history… Read more about it HERE

I'm not really a fan of Sasha or the original. However, of the top 14, there were 2 that stroked my audible outlets. So I spoke to the Burn Studios men and got both tracks as Exclusive Earmilk Downloads!

The DYNO Remix is my favourite. It 's an ambient, evocative, atmospheric-kind-of-eerie take on the original, and builds steadily for the entire 7 minutes. For me it is one of those tracks you get lost in yet barely realise a full 7 minutes have passed.

The NeverAfter Remix is a solid dubstep track that has a kind of grainy sound throughout, then drops in a solid wobbled out bassline.

Download – Sasha – Cut Me Down (DYNO Remix)

Download- Sasha – Cut Me Down (The NeverAfter Remix)

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  • Im with ya on that DYNO, but I feel that The NevereAfter tune is the best of the lot for the fact that he took the road less traveled. I listened to each of the remixes and they all give that same ambient, trance feeling, and this one…well it's bassline is self-explanitory. Good work!

    Avatar B@ss August 6, 2011 10:38 PM Reply
  • how do you download the tracks? every time i try it sends me to hulkshare and it says its only an audio track not available for download

    Avatar Anonymous August 24, 2011 12:45 PM Reply
    • the label is realeasing them now so taken down the downloads. Send me a mail and i can get back to you……

      Avatar Skinny G August 25, 2011 6:44 AM Reply
      • I would love to get the downloads for free if that's still possible thanks.

        Avatar Anonymous August 31, 2011 10:37 AM Reply

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