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EM EXCLUSIVE: Alex Metric & Charli XCX - End of the World (TWR72 Remix)

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Take a look at the charts and it's clear that UK's poster boy DJ Alex Metric is no stranger to your ears. With a passion to jerk tears of joy with bigroom leads and a tip to 80s synth funk, the man carries a double edge sword when it comes to the sound palette of his productions.

August marks the release of his brand new single End of World, a collaboration with vocalist Charli XCX. Not a typical club record like you'd expect, but rather a prophetic electronic anthem washed in feelings of lust and rapture. Breakthrough Dutch duo TWR72 is on the remix, and we the EARMILK-men are serving it exclusively just for you.

Download: Alex Metric & Charli XCX - End Of The World (TWR72 Remix)

You can catch the original standing out on Alex's first album Open Your Eyes out August 22nd on Virgin Records. Take it as a summary and a start of something new. A collection of his remix work with major artists like Phoenix, Beastie Boys, Gorillaz, as well as fresh material from his career as a professional producer. Check out the two minute video mashup and our quick chat with Alex Metric about his current affairs and future doings.

Your music career up until this point has been mainly remixing and putting out EPs and singles. What's it like to finally put out an album, do you feel any different as an artist having one notched under your belt?

Well I don't feel this is my debut album as such. It's a collection of my work to date.  A mixture of my own music, remixes and productions for other artists. My debut album is nearly there and yeah when that is completed and unleashed onto the world I will feel like I have accomplished something I have always wanted to do. But it is great to release a body of work like this collection.

What's your opinion on the electronic music scene today in relation to LPs versus EPs? It seems like the shelves are flooded with singles, do you think an artist can achieve great fame by only putting singles?

It's all down to the music. If you release an amazing single it can have just as much of an effect on your career as a great EP.  You live or die by the music you put out not the format. What do I think of the scene today? There is some amazing music but then there is some very average music. I feel you have to dig deep to find gems, but they are there.

You seem to love collaborating with other producers and vocalists, can you throw some names out that we'll be seeing in this collection?

On the Open Your Eyes compilation there is Charli XCX, a super talented singer from the UK.  I've done a lot of work with her, this is the first fruits of those sessions and a track I'm very proud of called End Of The World. It's not a club record at all, but just a beautiful song.

There is a track by a band called The Infadels From Out Of The Black Sky that I've produced on the record too. I'm hugely excited to have a production for a band out there as this is something I love doing, and on the basis of this track it works really well. It's distinctly me, but distinctly Infadels aswell. And of course my collab with Steve Angello is on there too.

Name me one artist, dead or alive that you dream of collaborating with.

Hmmm.... That's a tricky one.  I'd love to have someone like Noel Gallagher sing on one of my tracks. That'd be a dream vocal. On a producer tip I might be doing a collab I've always dreamed about imminently so I can't say too much :)

New album means, new world tour. Can we expect Alex Metric here in North America anytime soon?

For sure!  I want to head to the states after the summer to finish up my album. So it will make sense to do some dates around that.


Alex Metric's End of the World drops August 15th with his compilation coming at you on the 22nd so be sure to follow up to catch these two chock-full releases.

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