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Various Artists - Zapzarap EP

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Diynamic Recordings out of Germany have just released their newest material for their 50th release as a label; a compilation EP featuring some of their best musicians, called the Zapzarap EP.  Among them are Solomun, a.k.a. Mladen Solomun (owner of Diynamic) and German groove-master Stimming (pictured above), as well as other Diynamic recording artists H.O.S.H., DJ Phono, Uner, and David August.

Diynamic's style syndicates the perfectionist attitude of German production with the more organic feel of old disco and jazz.  Stimming is the undeniable master of the craft here; his use of real instruments in combination with electronically composed sound give an incredible live feeling to his music.  It's almost as though his tracks are being performed by a band of ten or so people playing various instruments, and someone is simply playing synthesizers on top of it all.

I have included three of the four tracks from the EP, and coincidentally my least favourite track of the four was the one too large to upload.  The Stimming & H.O.S.H. track, "My Shadow," is just so groovy I can't even listen to it on my lunch at work for fear of revealing my horrible dance moves to my co-workers.  "Sexy Biest" and "Sonar" are also amazingly moving, boasting some complexly accented grooves similar to "My Shadow,"  but both have different feels altogether. "Sexy Biest" is a great example of the organic jazz-techno fusion that Diynamic has become known for, using a huge amount of real sound to create the live atmosphere sound.  Zapzarap as a whole is a great EP, congratulations to Diynamic for 50 of the grooviest releases of all time.  Can't wait to hear it on a big sound system.

Stream: H.O.S.H. & Stimming - My Shadow

Stream: H.O.S.H. & Uner - Sonar

Stream: Stimming & David August - Sexy Biest

You can buy Zapzarap at the following online retailers:

Juno Records

Juno Download


Enjoy!! (this release warrants two enjoy exclamation marks as opposed to my usual one)

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Dave Higgs-Vis
Dave Higgs-Vis
9 years ago

My Shadow is indeed funky as hell. Good stuff!