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Kanye West Feat. Nas - We Major (Bitter Sweet Symphony DJ White Lotus Mash-up)

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I know its Mashup Monday and you've probably already got your fill for the day. But, I couldn't let this one just slide by due to the sheer amount of power it carries. Now, I'll admit that remixes and mashups of "Bitter Sweet Symphony" have been done to DEATH but I'll also have to admit that this new one just "does it the right way". DJ White Lotus takes the vocals from Kanye's "We Major", featuring Nas, and layers it perfectly atop the right moments of The Verve's legendary "Bitter Sweet Symphony" instrumentals. I personally believe this mashup is ALMOST perfect except around 4:10 it just sounds "off". I'll let you be the judge. Enjoy.

Download: Kanye West featuring Nas - We Major (Bitter Sweet Symphony DJ White Lotus Mashup)

Mash Up


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10 years ago

DJ White Lotus here...thank you for posting my mashup on your blog! I can appreciate everything you said in your writeup but pickyyy pickyyy!...I agree that the harmony sounds off at 4:10 but I liked how the "feeling better than I ever..." part sounded going into the Verve verse so I left it. The key matching game with mashups using melodic acapellas is TRIFE!...which is why I think mashing up rap is a lot easier than mashing up lyrics from other genres. BTW: The harmonies with the female backing vocals in the beginning were a happy accident, as I mainly just wanted Nas' part from that but then realized the tempos were near perfect so it all worked out =)

I suppose I can appreciate that you're looking for perfection, as I'm a perfectionist FOR THE MOST PART (obviously lol), but it did take a bit of work to get the flow of the lyrics sitting well with the beat, especially with the strings in the verses/breaks, and it's nice to know that someone appreciates that. Thanks again!

Robert Huston
10 years ago
Reply to  2xUeL

Awesome, awesome Lotus! Anywhere we can find more material from you?

10 years ago
Reply to  Robert Huston