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The Count & Sinden - Future EP

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The Count & Sinden, a fresh face on here but certainly not a stranger to the UK dance charts. Their debut single Beeper featuring Kid Sister was a national hit in 2008, but those were different times, different parties. Now they look to the future in their next 4 track EP, and they couldn't have employed better visionaries to do the remixing.

French duo Donovans take the cake on this one. It's Stripe Steve & Das Glow's Calcium with a melody written all over it. But it's the hats that get me. This is what you get when you put a 909 on Ritalin.

      04 Future (Donovans Remix)
Download: The Count & Sinden - Future (Donovans Remix)

And of course, I'd deserve to be guillotined if I didn't mention Canblaster's work on this release. This Club Cheval psychonaut is as future as it gets. Dicey, erratic, and completely unpredictable. Someone please get this kid to do a soundtrack.

The Count & Sinden - Future (Canblaster Remix) by CANBLASTER (Club Cheval)


You can pick up all the bits track by track when it hits the shelves July 25th, so follow up you don't want to miss it. Like I said, this EP holds the future, and it echos throughout this entire release.

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