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Fresh Milk with Tayyib Ali [Interview]

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Tayyib Ali. The kid is fresher than a new pair of kicks. Over the past year or so he's gone from no where to now here, on the minds of most hip-hop enthusiasts and to the forefront of my hip-hop playlist. He's opened for artists such as ShwayzeSam Adams and Super Smash Bros, as well as performing in front of huge crowds alongside big names like Wiz KhalifaChiddy BangMac Miller and Cyhi The Prince- emerging as a pretty big name himself. I was graced with the opportunity to interview him not to long ago. Here's the interview, and at the bottom there are some links to his music, page, twitter etc.



Your music is blowing up right now. When I was introduced to your music last year, not many people I talked to had heard of you. When I told some people about this interview the other day one of my friends was so jealous she wouldn't talk to me- people love you now. What is it like being one of the hottest young Hip-hop artists out there?

Its definitely the best feeling ever but at the same time- humbling. Its been something I've worked so hard at over the past 2 years so I'm just really happy to see that pay off.

Growing up as a kid- who did you listen to? What sparked your interest in the rap game?

As a kid in elementary school I remember having the 50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin' Album and the Diplomats. Those two were really what made me wanna rap besides the fact that my dad was into music as well. Other than just plain rap though, I listened to all genres coming up. I don't know what it was but I've always had a thing for music. It was always special to me.

I completely understand- I remember buying that album, and 2 weeks later my parents found it and broke it in half, as well as crushing all of my dreams of ever being thug... Was your Dad always supportive of your musical interests?

My dad was always supportive of my music.

Also, let's face it. Your music is completely different than 50's. You seem to be a part of this whole new sensation in the hip-hop world geared around a feel good vibe, something that strays away from the traditional dirty south style beats, hardcore lyrics and overall aggressive theme that has been the face of hip-hop for so long. With your work, is there a vision- a mission- behind what you are doing?

Yeah definitely, Im just telling my life story day by day through music. I'm not a gangsta or a mean person so that definitely wont show in my music. I'm a feel good person so thats why my music has that [feel good] vibe to it.

Scenario- You're in your room. You turn on your iPod. What is the first song you listen to, right now.

Nas - NY State Of Mind.

Of all of the people you've met now because of your music- who left the biggest impression on you?

On my way back form LA I had the opportunity to sit next to a Hip Hop Free-styling legend "MC Supernatural". This was before my first mixtape was out but he was one of the realest people I met so far. He invited me to his concert he had the next night called "Rock The Bells" I lost his number though... (haha) He's by far an artist who left the biggest impression [On Me].

You're still unsigned, which is surprising to me. Personally, I have you in my playlist for the best new artists of 2011. Are you trying to stay independent?

Right now we're taking everything day by day. If the right opportunity comes my way I think I'd be more than happy to take advantage of that. Something I have always believed in was staying true to whatever you do. I feel like that's the only way I'll be able to reach the level of success that I want to. If I have to stay independent to do that, I'd be more than happy to do so.

In the mix tape Keystone State of Mind you talk a lot about California. Tell me some more about your experience with the Golden Coast.

California is just a place that caught my attention so much at a young age. It's just one of those places in the world that I always wanted to go. I went to Los Angeles for the first time in August and it's [always been] my goal to get out there one day and be able to chill and make music. As simple as it may sound though, California is just the perfect place to chill at and thats what I'm about.

People say that if you want to make it big, you need to be on the golden coast. It looks like it made a huge impression on you- not to mention the women there are gorgeous...

Yeah, I just wanna go chill there. I seem to be doing well over on the East Coast and [Philly] is where I'm from anyway.

The video for "Do It" was excellent. How was it filming that?

Filming it was so fun. Its just me and my homie Jon Kilmer walking around filming. Its pretty much easy and fun.

That sample is sick- where did you guys get it?

Im not sure actually.

You worked with Teddy Roxpin on that right? Talk to me more about working with Teddy.

We basically did it via email. I do plan on working with him in the future. Super talented guy right there!

It seems so. I'm sure you've met and been able to work with quite a few talented people during the past year or so. Out of all the people you've worked with so far, who impressed you the most?

I got the chance to work with "The Astronauts" who are a production group out of Philly. They were really good! I love working with them.

You opened for Wiz Khalifa not too long ago. What was that like?

It was crazy, basically my first "BIG" show opening for someone like Wiz. Everything about it was cool. The crowds were vibing in both cities. I feel like it was a life changing experience. I met a lot of new people and it opened doors for me.

I can imagine. I'm sure you gained a ton of exposure because of that- What's the biggest thing you've done since then that probably couldn't of happened before that show?

Man I couldn't even say. So many things are happening so you never know whats it's from now. But I know that definitely opened doors.

Do you have any future projects set up to work on with him?

Not at the moment but I'm open to it. Maybe in the future.

Ok. Freestyle battle: Me vs. You vs. Wiz- Who wins?

(Haha) I don't know too much about your rap skills, but I definitely think I would walk away with the belt.


With such a smooth flow and a style of Hip-Hop that comes across as nothing less than optimistic, Tayyib Ali isn't an artist you want to pass up. His songs will put a smile on you face, and his mixtape Keystone State Of Mind is one of the freshest tapes released this year. The kid is talented, and although when I freestyle I spit out rhymes like Nadya Suleman spits out babies, I'm sure Tayyib could handle my flow with ease on any occasion. Here's a few tracks as well as links to his sites. Keep an eye out for Tayyib Ali in the future, the kid is blowing up right now.


Follow Tayyib Ali on Twitter @TayyibAli

Hook yourself into his Facebook

Check out and download music from his WEBSITE

Read more about Tayyib Ali and watch his videos ON EARMILK HERE


      Keystone State of Mind
Download: Tayyib Ali - Keystone State of Mind

Download: Tayyib Ali - Supermodel

      California Love
Download: Tayyib Ali - California Love




Keystone State of Mind


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9 years ago

Tell me again why you're interviewing a frat/college rap artist with songs that all sound the same and just like every other artist in their genre?

Charles David
9 years ago


9 years ago

LOL tayyib ali is terrible.

James F.
James F.
9 years ago

I LOVE Tayyib! I don't know what all these fools are talking about. I got to see him live a couple months back and he blew my mind! Big ups to Earmilk for a great interview!

9 years ago

Are you serious? This kid has a dry flow, pretty much a wiz khalifa wannabe and hes a proud "high school dropout"? Is his what our world has come to? You have better up and coming artists out there, dont lose your credibility for stuff like this earmilk.