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Housemeister - Music is Awesome

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Boysnoize Records dropped a new LP this week and the cover features a highly underrated talent from Germany that goes by the name of Housemeister. Not the first to his name, but the album titled Music Is Awesome is a first to combine sound, art, and style in a way never seen before.

The album cover, the choice of vocal samples, and even the true grit of overdriven arpeggiators create a parallel universe of a post war Berlin in the midst of some sort of cross nazi punk revolution. It's a predated look at the future that's unique and stuck in it's own time. And one track that warns you for what you're in for is Hirschkeule.

      02 Hirschkeule
Download: Housemeister - Hirschkeule

A bit of Ethan from Crystal Castles here, and a bit of early acid house and hard style influences there. It's an acquired taste, and you have to swallow the fact that Housemeister is trying to sound like no one but himself. Screw wobbly basslines and massive trance synths. Housemeister doesn't care about the sound coming out of your iTunes, he's here to be an artist and driving in the opposite direction is his vision.

      08 Twister
Download: Housemeister - Twister

A very solid solo record, and I'd put it on my top ten of this year no doubt. What makes this LP stand out is how consistent the sound is without making each track seem like a rip off of another. There's a style he sticks and a landscape he paints to immerse you in his self created lunatic cosm from start to finish. As a bonus for the DJ's who may find it hard to mix some of the tracks off this LP I'll throw in Housemeister's contribution to BNR's Miami Noize 2, a definite favourite.

      Get Naked - Original Mix
Download: Housemeister - Get Naked - Original Mix

You can grab the full LP below, and of course don't forget to follow your favourite artist and label to catch those other releases before the birds get to them.

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10 years ago

thanxxx, buy the cd or picture vinyl;)

Nick Kiang
Nick Kiang
10 years ago

Awesome review for an amazing album. Well done

10 years ago

It would be cool if you didn't steal our photos and then remove the watermarks...