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The Phantom's Revenge - Last Man Standing (Melee Remix)

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What was my favourite track of 2010, Charlie by the Phantom's Revenge is now being chopped and screwed into what could be the biggest remix EP of 2011. And you may not be convinced since the liner features remixes by small name artists like Justin Faust, Ghosts of Venice, Lazy Ants, Melee, and Dominic Pierce; but dont get me wrong, a lot of tracks on here offer a fresh hand at mashing the genres and bringing your ears something new, modish, au courant. And I'm looking at you Melee.

An indie disco groove that pays a homage to electro thrash and a four on the floor house beat. This is like throwing the Rapture (who's making an announcement on Monday after being silent for years, be excited!) into an isolation tank with Sly and the Family Stone and a young Boys Noize in seperate corners. Grab the preview below, and remember to dance but not spin.

      Last Man Standing (Melee Remix)
Download: The Phantom's Revenge - Last Man Standing (Melee Remix) 192 kbps

(DV017) La Valigetta Records - The Phantom's Revenge Charlie Remix EP
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Polish up that disco ball and whip out those roller skates before the EP hits the floors June 7th. Be sure to follow and be the first to catch this contagious disco fever.

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