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Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Para One Remix)

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Parisian producer Para One is undoubtedly a heavy hitter when you see the name on any remix release. His admiration of vintage synthesizers and analog compressors is an oxymoron to his forward thinking musical ideas. We all know when Drop the Lime's Hot As Hell EP came out, it was the Canblaster remix that stole the spotlight. But I'd say Para One's remix was the one that had my feet moving. The whole track feels like one long ass drum break. And the snappy drum lines paired with jazzy horns can't help but convince that you've got pop rocks stuck in your shoes.

      06 Hot As Hell (Para One Remix)
Download: Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (Para One Remix)

Make sure you show some support and peep the rest of the EP with remixes by Will Bailey and Yolanda Be Cool



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