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London in Town - Valentine come down

So maybe I do hate the whole valentines day thing. Especially when everywhere you look there are lovestruck couples being all couply and lovely and I am alone in this world................ all pity is welcome and/or  phone numbers etc. @SKINNY__G

Sooooooooo to cheer myself up I went looking for songs that might typically be of a melancholy nature but with a wobble and twist to improve, rejuve and make them acceptable to listen to and guess what.........some are actually pretty sick and worth throwing them out and seeing what the ear milking people think!

Here goes.....

TRUST me it is not shit. Give this one a minute it takes a bit but gets rather large and epic, voice suits the track. Just a shame about the rest of her work.


Three things I love are Radiohead, Watchmen, and dubstep ummmmmm.............

Final track of the brilliant mix Luvstep 2. Get some love on to this why don't you.



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