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A Dream By Korallreven For Korallreven In Collaboration With Korallreven For Korallreven

It's no mystery that I'm a fan of chilled out music considering I run the semi-Daily 2% segment. So when I came across this chill mix; I knew I had to share it. Korallreven, which is Swedish for "coral reef", has to put together an excellent 22 minute mix of ambient tunes that seem to carry you on one amazing trip. The amazing thing is that this mix isn't really predictable in any way because its chill but then you'll hear Lil Waynes voice mixed in or other older tracks you are familiar with. There is also some Justin Bieber mixed in but don't let that turn you away. Do yourself a favor and listen to the entire mix and just chill out for the day.

Download: Korallreven – A Dream By Korallreven


  1. 1. Somei Satoh – Organics / Inkuyo – Wipala
  2. Korallreven & Taken By Trees – Honey Mine
  3. Justin Bieber – U Smile (Shamanti's 800 % Slower Version)
  4. Inkuyo – Wipala
  5. Cola Boy – 7 Ways to Love
  6. Taken By Trees – No Letting Go (Korallreven's Life's a Bitch Version)
  7. jj – My Way
  8. Primal Scream – Higher Than the Sun (American Spring Remix)
  9. Justin Bieber – U Smile (Shamanti's 800 % Slower Version / Julianna Barwick – Bode
  10. Memoryhouse – Lately (Teengirl Fantasy Natural Mix)
  11. Walls – Burnt Sienna / Vashti Bunyan – Just Another Diamond Day
  12. French Montana & Curren$y – So High
  13. SALEM – Frost (Korallreven's Indian Summer Version)

Ambient · Experimental


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