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ULTRNX -The Byterockin' EP

ULTRNX are from Germany. Phil de Gap and Ahoi Boi are ULTRNX. Their debut EP "The Byterockin' EP" comes out Oct 1st 2010 on AUDIOLITH records

Today we have 2 slices from that EP. A remix by Saint Pauli (also German) and GhettosexXx.

      06 Rockstr (Saint Pauli Remix)
Download: ULTRNX - Rockstr (Saint Pauli Remix)

      08 Rockstr (GhettosexXx Remix)
Download: ULTRNX - Rockstr (GhettosexXx Remix)

This is the first time ULTRNX has come across my desk and I'm surprised it hasn't hit me earlier. Apparently the DUO started in 2008 and they've remixed quite a few of the names I've come to love - Digitalism and True Pseudo for starters.

Earmilk wishes them all the best on this debut release and look forward to hearing more from them in the future!

      Dancen (Ultrnx Remix)
Download: A.G.Trio - Dancen (Ultrnx Remix)

      Freaking Me Out (ULTRNX Remix)
Download: True Pseudo - Freaking Me Out (ULTRNX Remix)

      Replay (Ultrnx Remix)
Download: A.G.Trio - Replay (Ultrnx Remix)

      Taken Away (ULTRNX remix)
Download: Digitalism - Taken Away (ULTRNX remix)


      04 Bleep (Saint Pauli Remix)
Download: Dirty Disco Youth - Bleep (Saint Pauli Remix)



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